“Ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in photography. Being able to capture a moment, a feeling with just a single push of a button has always blown my mind.”

Nicola Rehbein

NICOLA REHBEIN as shot by Robin Franzmann

by Fuego Fatal

NICOLA REHBEIN is a f*cking talented photographer from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He has spent the major part of his youth at the cape of good hope, in South Africa.
We first met, when he had just arrived to Frankfurt from the Table Mountain. We were painting a mural, while he was taking pictures. Nothing too special, so far, with the little difference, that he was taking analogue pictures. I found that very uncommon for a sixteen year-old. You now may argue, that an analogue cam is basic equipment for contemporary hipsters – just as a fixie bike is – and you’re not necessarily wrong with that. But unlike the kids who wear their daddy’s Leica around the neck like rapkids use to sport fake Ruff Ryders medaillons, this kid is somewhat different. Here’s a young man who actually used it. Someone who understood the art and dived into it, headfirst. Someone who has found his destiny through the viewfinder.

It’s been a few years since our first encounter, but by the time i had witnessed the development of his craft, i felt that Frankfurt may have lost a writer, but had won a serious photographer instead. Ever since, i have only seen great shots by him. And he’s just getting started.

When he told me that he would escape to SA for the german winter, things fell into place. And this is how STOFF AUS FRANKFURT™ arrived at the most southern end of Africa.
See the results in these three shootings he did for us. We love each and every picture and are looking forward to further collaborations.
Special thanks go out to Sina Aurelie (yeah!), Oisin Dohetry, the models Eleanor, Natalie und Jason as well as everybody, who helped to make these pictures happen.
But first and foremost, we want to tank the artist with the finger on the trigger: NICOLA REHBEIN. I’m very confident, that the world will witness a lot more of his photography in the near future.

Check  out his blog for more of his work. Or follow him on Instagram or Facebook.




“First location was a parking lot in the CBD, nothing too spectacular. The second location though is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s an old quarry which belongs to the Table Mountain National Park. It lies just above the city. It’s an absolute paradise even though being 5 minutes away from the city.

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Eleanor wears:

STICKSTOFF Female Low Cut Racerback

HEART OF THE CITY Female Rolled Sleeve Tunic Shirt

Model: Eleanor Garrett
Assistant: Sina Aurelie
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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“We though of doing shooting at a very clean and subtle indoor location in contrast of the clothes, I think it worked very well. It was definitely a pleasure working with Natalie. Theres not much more I actually have to say about this other than take a look at results yourself.”

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Natalie wears:

Stickstoff Low Cut Racerback White / Dirty Cyan

Stickstoff Female Low Cut Racerback Black / White

Model: Natalie Ransome
Assistant: Sina Aurelie
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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“Seeing that the designs of the shirts are very graffiti inspired, most even made by graffiti artists such as Mac Sullivan. Click here to take a look at some of his work on his Facebook page. We took this shoot back to the streets and wanted to base it around the lifestyle of a graffiti writer. Myself, being an ex-graffiti writer, and the model, who is also involved in the Cape Town graffiti scene, knew from first hand experience how we were going to lay out this shoot.”

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Jason wears:

HEART OF THE CITY Male Classic Shirt

ROSEMARIE Male Classic Jersey White

SCRIPT Snapback

Model: Jason O’Driscoll
Assistant: Sina Aurelie and Oisin Dohetry
Location: Cape Town, South Africa


“We started of by meeting up in Woodstock, a suburb that is a mixture between crime,drug and gang riddled streets and beautiful old Victorian houses invaded by modern day hipsters. We chose to go to the train line rather. Trains have always been mesmerizing for me since I’ve been a little kid. I could watch the graffiti on trains roll past for hours and hours.

Lots of interesting experiences were made during this shoot, but I think the best was ending the day off with a full polony Gatsby (a sandwich that originates from the Cape Flats)”

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It all stays different over here.


Stoff aus Frankfurt 2014

It has been a busy year so far –
and yes, we would’ve love to get in touch with you earlier,
to show you what we’ve been working on.
Being back from oblivion feels great, and we’re really excited
to be able to show you some new stuff really soon.

Look forward for new artists, new collabos, new styles and new products.
As you read this, we’re busy packing the first batch of new products,
working on our Onlinestore, making photographs, writing copy and
basically tweaking and turning all necessary screws to make our stuff
just as we want it to be. We’re picky, and that’s why it sometimes takes
longer than we expect.

What we didn’t change at all, is our principles.We still produce on finest, mostly sustainable fabrics,
and try to do every little thing ourselves. With our hands.
With our hearts and lots of dedication.

Most importantly, we try to realize all of this independently in Frankfurt.
Unfortunately this doesn’t work with every step in our production,and we reach our limits. But we’re trying our best to expand these limits
each and every time. And sometimes, you just have to ignore them to overcome them.

You all know this, right?

It’s about to begin … Stay with us!

Stoff aus Frankfurt 2014