It all stays different over here.


Stoff aus Frankfurt 2014

It has been a busy year so far –
and yes, we would’ve love to get in touch with you earlier,
to show you what we’ve been working on.
Being back from oblivion feels great, and we’re really excited
to be able to show you some new stuff really soon.

Look forward for new artists, new collabos, new styles and new products.
As you read this, we’re busy packing the first batch of new products,
working on our Onlinestore, making photographs, writing copy and
basically tweaking and turning all necessary screws to make our stuff
just as we want it to be. We’re picky, and that’s why it sometimes takes
longer than we expect.

What we didn’t change at all, is our principles.We still produce on finest, mostly sustainable fabrics,
and try to do every little thing ourselves. With our hands.
With our hearts and lots of dedication.

Most importantly, we try to realize all of this independently in Frankfurt.
Unfortunately this doesn’t work with every step in our production,and we reach our limits. But we’re trying our best to expand these limits
each and every time. And sometimes, you just have to ignore them to overcome them.

You all know this, right?

It’s about to begin … Stay with us!

Stoff aus Frankfurt 2014